cmdeane (cmdeane) wrote in geekspeak,

calling all geeks - Is a free site that all people around the world can join for help with computers and networking. Networking Boards was created by myself and is manned by a few staff members from the colleges of LaGuardia Community College and also Devry Institute of Tech here in LIC,NY. Networking Boards is a place where people of any computer literacy can come and learn about computers and their applications in the modern and ever changing business world. We have a few certified and qualified individuals who work in the IT field who will be able to answer most if not all your questions\issues.

This site was created as a free service to the IT and Tech community, in order to close gaps in terms of distance and social aspects of life. You can meet people here for consulting projects and also plan events for LAN parties in your own local area. This site was just recently started so there is not a whole lot happening. But with your help we can help eachother, and the world grow together in a confident and competant partnership.

Thank You!

Hope to see you all at the boards!

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