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Help, pretty please.

OK, OK, I admit it, I took a freelance job that was meant for a hardcore Lingo Programmer, not an Animator who sometimes uses a little bit of Lingo.

I don't understand the directions enough to be certain I know how to complete these tasks. Maybe someone here can help me out.

Change the create URL of A to:


The client told me that the locale would be en-us for English, which is what I'm working on first.

Does that mean that the string in the script (in quotes, I understand that much) should be:


Or do I leave off the brackets? It seems that the variable hospital has been defined in a different script. Do I remove the brackets around <hospital> in the URL above? I'm really not sure what the correct syntax is.

Later, I have to change the second page URL and update the POST fields. I'm not sure quite what POST fields are. I have a decent guess, but I wouldn't mind a full explanation. I can probably update them without understanding, but I'd like to know the nuts and bolts of what I'm doing.

I'd be very grateful for any assistance.
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